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Current weather conditions in Koh Samui – late October

weather conditions chart for Koh Samui

Weather conditions in Koh Samui

Samui is comfortably into low season now, and you can tell by the appalling photographs I am taking of Samui properties for sale. I can’t take a decent outside photo and the most recent listings have had white skies. Skies are normally a white color due to the thin cloud cover. We do get nice days, some blue-sky days and the sun does come out. Temperatures are even then in the late 20 degrees to early 30’s. Recently the weather has been wet and there is a damp feeling in the air at night. We have had some rainstorms at night, and some longer burst during the day. That’s typical of Koh Samui at this time of year. Still we can wear shorts and T shirt’s all year around. The market traders and hawkers of fashion shirts, jackets and trousers are complaining of few customers. Chaweng is not a busy place now, and there are few foreign tourists walking on the streets here. On the other hand you can tell that Moscow is cold as the Russian long-term winter vacationers are starting to appear here for their long winter escape from the cold weather. Imagine if there were frosty nights in Koh Samui, that’s a lovely thought for resident Samui expats away from their European homelands.

And now for a little information about Koh Samui weather:

There are three seasons in Koh Samui. After Christmas and new-year, things hot up by the beginning of February which is the hot and dry season. The peak daytime temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. Sometimes we get a little rain but this is most welcome. Then the temperature is perfect for exploring the many beaches on Koh Samui, or hiring a speedboat to take in some island hopping and snorkeling.

From June until September our weather in Koh Samui is still pretty perfect. It’s a great time to come be, especially in June as there are fewer tourists around, and prices are lower for hotels and villa accommodation. Typical weather brings more tropical rain showers and these are not prolonged and normally in the late afternoon. These are a welcome break from the heat during the mid day. Temperatures are still in the high thirties. Koh Samui’s beaches are beautiful at this time of year, and the sea is calm and no waves to speak of. Koh Samui does not suffer the monsoons that are hammering Phuket, and Thailand Southeastern coast by the Andaman Sea.

By October we are through the high season and waiting for the rain. Sometimes it comes and other times it deserts us. There may be some torrential rainstorms, flooding and mud slides. This causes mud on the roads, which is pretty dangerous for the motorbike and moped driver’s. This also means some stormy days and rough seas. It is nice to take a drive around the coast to find some café or bar to watch the weather change. The real bad weather is caused by the North East monsoon coming from Indonesia and the Philippines. November is also normally a pretty wet affair, and in these periods we get some sunshine but cloudy days. Temperatures might drop to the low 20 degrees or so. We are through the worst weather by the end of November into December with the promise of very relaxed cool temperatures into the New Year.