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Real Estate Investment in Koh Samui Thailand

5 reasons why people invest in property

Real estate investment tends to form a key part of any investment strategy. It generally makes up a sizeable portion of a persons non-cash assets.

The older a person gets, the more this seems to become true.  The property investor owning more than one property. As an individual collects money from work and other forms of investment, the tendency is to finally invest money into property. More than this, the type of house the investor looks for is one that can generate good rental income. Secondly, the investor looks for properties that will appreciate over time as this is normally the largest benefit.

The experienced investor also looks to diversity their property portfolio. What this means is by owning property in more than one location. In this way you reduce the risk in any downturns in a particular market. Whilst another property market in another area is increasing in value. In this way you are spreading your risk.

So the question is, why make Koh Samui property part of your property portfolio? For those who have not thought of an overseas investment, then Koh Samui, Thailand is an interesting option.


5 reasons why Koh Samui property investment is interesting:

  1. Diverse mix of nationalities have bought properties on Koh Samui already. Meaning market is not dependent on one nationality.
  2. The market is not propped up by the banks as foreigners are generally cash buyers.
  3. The market gives good rental returns, in what is a long season with differing nationalities vacationing here at different times of the year.
  4. Climate attracts investors and second home buyers. People look to retire here because of a mix of factors related to lifestyle.
  5. Risk means greater potential rewards on ownership. Same is true of many places around the world. The political situation and changes of government tend to make investors more cautious. Although the effects on the micro level Koh Samui tend to be sheltered. It is more a of haven and protected generally.


The General Environment on Koh Samui

As a luxury holiday destination, it draws a lot of expatriates from around the Asia region as well as from further afield from places such as Europe and USA. All of these people equate to thousands of people visiting Koh Samui each year.

Back in 2013 there was an article written by CNBC reporter Katie Holliday about Western retirees and the lure of Asia. It pointed out that cheaper living enabled expatriates to have a more luxurious and healthier lifestyle.


It is striking to see the increasing numbers of foreign expatriates living on Koh Samui, with their children attending one of the International schools like PanyaDee, the British International School of Samui.

Pupils at the school come from all nationalities and backgrounds with children from Thailand, Britain, Denmark, Russia, France, Germany, America, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden to name a few.


Some of these visitors then realise that they could own a property on Koh Samui. At this point they then start investigating their options. Sometimes they have friends who have bought, or they have heard from foreigners of the opportunity to rent out property for passive income.


Guaranteed Returns

Investing with a guaranteed ROI% is now possible for those wanting this type of investment. This is a new feature of the real estate market here on Koh Samui. One example is Pool Villa 18 who are offering a 6% net return for a total of 10 years.