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Choose Lamai beach to enjoy the good life

Areas of Koh Samui – Lamai Beach

In an area of natural beauty, Koh Samui Thailand is a perfect destination for international dining  and partying at internationally renowned beach clubs. You may also be pampered at secluded resorts that are located on stunning beachfront settings by the sea.

Koh Samui has something for everyone, with different areas of the island having simple to the most expensive flavors. The South and West where one can enjoy peace and quiet beauty from the tropical hillside and environment, and find a hidden gem on a secluded beach.

The North East coast being more commercial but still oozing tropical splendor with beaches in Lamai, Chaweng, Cheong Mon and Maenam each having a different appearance. For those looking to lounge out then Cheong Mon and Lamai are favorites, whereas to dine then Chaweng and Bophut are excellent choices with strings of restaurants covering a whole range of delicious food.

Lamai beach is not so crowed, and certainly low key compared to the other big favorite town, Chaweng. Lamai beach has a large beach of white sand, the water is a turquoise color and is beautifully surrounded by palm trees and small beach resorts. During the season, there are fewer beach traders here than is Chaweng. They are trying to sell goods such as sarongs and scarfs, carvings and beads. Lamai beach is great as it allows you to relax, shop and then meander to a local bar or restaurant.

Behind the beach is Lamai Town with its mixture of touristy shops as well as many different kinds of restaurants. There is always something different to eat.

Then if you want to eat cheaply, there is an abundance of Thai food to choose from at reasonable prices. If you want to shop, then check out the Sunday walking street with its mixture of handbags, T-shirts and jewelry.

Lamai has many different resorts to choose from, and many are close by to the beach. There are hotels and resorts to suit all budgets, guesthouses, cabins, traditional style huts and then some more upmarket hotels. So there is a good choice of accommodation for those seeking a laid back adventure and beach life.